Sometimes, it just helps to see some good news. With all of the negativity floating through our headlines at the moment, seeing something that’s not only positive but pretty incredible is such an uplifting change. Deputy Jeremie Nix was coming home from work after a normal day. He was talking to his wife on his blue tooth, he was waiting at the intersection, when suddenly a woman flagged him down. Her baby was unresponsive. Deputy Nix immediately took action to try to revive the baby and then took the baby hospital. Thanks to his swift work, baby Kingston is now at home and recovering happily.

Amazingly, the entire thing was caught on his dashcam. You can see what happened and an interview with Deputy Nix here — and learn why he says this moment has changed his life:

It’s lovely to see that the officer and the woman are still in contact, with him following up and checking in with the baby. Whether you believe in miracles or not, you can see why he felt like he was meant to be at that place in that moment. It changed the course of his life — and saved the life of baby Kingston. With everything else happening in the world right now, it’s a powerful reminder that not only that good things can happen, but that amazing things can, too.