Sickness is an ugly but ever-present part of war — one that we don’t often like to think about. But in this photo, you can’t ignore it. Here you can see Soviet Army officers who have been recently liberated from Oflag VI-B prisoner of war camp, waiting for treatment. After they were freed by the First United States Army many required medical treatment. The Oflag VI-B mainly was opened in 1940, five years before their release, and was made up mostly of British, French and Polish military officers. Conditions at the site led to numerous famous escape attempts by British and Polish officers, when prisoners were willing to risk their lives for freedom in 1942 and 1943. The looks on the officer’s faces in this photo are harrowing.

Oflag VI-B

Oflag VI-B POW camp, Dössel (now, part of Warburg), North Rhine (now, North Rhine-Westphalia. 

Germany. 7 April 1945

Credit: Anti-Worlds