Alicia Keys has a voice from another era. Like few of our singers today, she has that magical timeless quality. This 18-minute clip of Keys performing in Paris, in what’s titled “A Takeaway Show”, is a masterclass in power, precision, and presence. From jazzy riffs to bold ballads, you can see the whole range of Key’s voice and remember why she is such an international superstar. It’s an intimate gig and Keys is rocking her signature make-up free look. It’s pure authenticity. It’s just her, as is… and what she is incredible.

One minute it’s nuanced vocals of unmatched skill, the next moment it’s the strongest belt you’ll hear anywhere. Viewers have said that they were moved to tears by how brilliant this performance is — and it’s easy to see why. You get to hear some of her classic tracks, like “You Don’t Know My Name”, but also see so many different sides of her talent. I promise, when you watch this video you’ll wish that you had been in Paris that night.

And the most amazing things about Keys is that, despite her Herculean talent, she seems truly humble, truly grateful, truly down-to-earth. Her heart and soul shine through as much as her voice. And I dare you not to feel full of joy just witnessing her in action.

You can see the whole video here:

There’s no doubt that Keys is in a league of her own. And we’re just lucky to bear witness to a talent that is not of this world.