A one-to-one concert doesn’t sound like your average festival experience, but one festival decided to do things a little differently. “It was in Oct. 2016, in Berlin, during Michelberger Music,” this video explains. “Between each show of the festival, we were kidnapping a person in the audience, which we were taking to a secret room where an artist was waiting.” This particular concert features Gyða Valtýsdóttir, perhaps best known as a member of múm. But though she’s reached huge success as a performer she is, fundamentally, committed to her art.

“Múm got a lot of attention when we started,” Valtýsdóttir tells the Reykjavik Times. “I realised I wasn’t in it for that kind of success. Then I saw this Persian frame drum player one time, channeling all his energy into his performance. It made me realise what I was searching for in music. And I just needed time to find it.” And that artistic integrity shows through in her musical performance. In this one to one, you can see her craftsmanship as an instrumentalist. The vast majority of the performance is a stunning, captivating instrumental performance and then, just a minute before the end, she begins to sing. A haunting voice erupts our of her — and, well, the look on the one lucky audience member’s face says it all. You can see the whole performance here:

She’s someone who has been — and remains — curious and passionate about music. “You go full circle,” she explained. “When I started múm, we were so fascinated and curious about sound, banging on stuff, and being like: ‘Hey, listen to this!’ And it feels like you go through a whole alchemical process to reach that point again.” This performance certainly sounds a lot like alchemy. Her curiosity, her presence and her light shine through every moment of it.