Is any popcorn really worth $5 a kernel? Because that’s exactly what the folks at Berco’s Popcorn charge for their Billionaire’s Popcorn. The founder and CEO, Matt Bercovitz, decided to go into the popcorn business for a touch of nostalgia — he and his dad used to go to the zoo on Sundays and he’d be treated to popcorn and a Sprite. But how did that simple treat transform into popcorn that costs a small fortune? And is it worth it? That’s what Cheddar decided to find out.

It’s not the weirdest food trend out there, but the ultra-luxury food market is undoubtedly fascinating. And as far as expensive food goes, it could be a lot worse. In fact, in a world of $1,770 hamburgers and $2,300 hotdogs, $5 a kernel seems like a bargain. Consumers will go pretty far to feel like they have the best of the best.

But how did they make this basic snack so indulgent? In this video Cheddar delves right into the history of the popcorn. It includes one of the most expensive salts in the world, edible gold, 84 attempts, and, of course, some secret ingredients. You can see the whole video here:


Billionaire’s Popcorn may sell for a whopping $5 a kernel, but considering you can buy it by the kernel, it might be worth a try. Just to say you tried the most expensive popcorn in the world.