Some voices are once in a generation. Listening to Gregory Porter perform It’s Probably Me with the The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Hans Ek and the Polar Music Prize band is evidence of that. Performed at the Polar Music Prize Ceremony 2017, this video shows why Gregory Porter is in an league of his own. The song was originally written by Sting, along with with Eric Clapton and Michael Kamem — and in the live video of this performance, you can see Sting enjoying the show. What is amazing about Porter’s voice is not just how smooth and soulful it is, it’s that it can hold its own against The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic. It blends seamlessly with the exquisite instrumental solos. It’s beyond music. It’s alchemy.

When it came to noticing his talent, it started at home. “Well, my mom did, but there was no time for it at home,” Porter told the Telegraph. “It was in the church where I got noticed. I was quite a shy person – still am in a way – but I remember in my sophomore year at school [ie around 14] I sang a gospel song, and everyone formed a line to give me a hug.” But his talent really manifested when he was waylaid from college sports with an injury. “I was in rehab for nine months, and I needed some solace and distraction. I was in town one day and I sort of stumbled into a jazz jam session, and kept going back.”

Thank god he did. This video proves why he is a juggernaut of modern jazz. You can see the performance here:

There’s a reason Gregory Porter has been such a crossover sensation — he has a voice and a presence that demands to be noticed. When he sings, something special happens. And we listen.