Ted Talks have long been giving us fascinating insights into the way people tick, but the Ted Ed lessons are a great way to take those insights and turn them into improvements. In this video, How To Manage Your Time More Efficiently (According To Machines), Brian Christian shows us how to be faster and more effective, just like machines have learned to be.

“Human beings and computers alike share the challenge of how to get as much done as possible in a limited time,” the video explains. “Over the last fifty or so years, computer scientists have learned a lot of good strategies for managing time effectively — and they have a lot of experience with what can go wrong. Brian Christian shares how we can use some of these insights to help make the most of our own lives.” Because computers are programmed to move so seamlessly in between all of their various activities and procedures, it seems to us they are managing to do everything at once. Can we learn to be just as efficient?

Well, if we can spend less time prioritizing and more time actually doing, this video suggests that we can get a whole lot more done. Here’s why spending time trying to manage your time may be… well, a waste of time. Take a look:

It’s easy to think we should always be prioritizing but, as this video shows, there are far more efficient ways to tackle a workload. Of course, in our tech-driven, plugged-in world, it’s difficult to focus and really minimize our disruptions, but we can try to group them in ways that make us more efficient. Work out how long certain notifications can be ignored for and try to only check in on them that often. You’ll never miss anything vital, but you can focus much more and, ultimately, get more done.