“He was at once a real human, but at the same time a mythological figure,” the ‘He Was A God’ teaser explains. The documentary, premiering in spring of next year, focuses on the life of Andre the Giant. He was not only a larger-than-life figure in wrestling, not only a celebrity, not only an actual giant— he was a man whose life was full of the extraordinary. Many fans can’t wait to see what the HBO documentary will unearth, especially as some of the already-known stories about him are so spectacular. I mean, who else got lifts to school with Samuel Beckett?

“This is everyone’s favourite Andre the Giant story, surely,” NME explains. “In 1953 the existential playwright, who penned Waiting For Godot, bought a property in a rural area 40 miles from Paris. Andre’s father helped him do the place up and Becket wound up regularly driving the young Andre to school because the future wrestler was too big to fit in his father’s car.” He also carried Arnold Schwarzenegger around, drank 117 beers in one night, and outsold the Rolling Stones. Just to name a few of his claims to fame.

There’s so much to see when it comes to the life of this legend. Take a look at the trailer here to get a glimpse of a man so amazing that the fact he was 7’4″ and weighed 500 pounds wasn’t even the most remarkable thing about him:

It’s just a teaser, but it’s one that everyone is getting excited about. He won our hearts in The Princess Bride, he wowed us with his physical acumen during his wrestling career. He was an athlete and an entertainer. But behind all of that, there’s a story that deserves to be told. We can’t wait to see what ‘He Was A God’ has to offer.