Berlin, Germany. August 1945.

A photo of the trümmerfrauen at work. These ‘rubble women’, as well as children and the elderly, stepped up to the plate to clear up the post-war rubble in Geramny. With so many men being killed in the war, there was no other choice. Though we read about the amount of damage left by warfare, seeing the scale of it is completely gobsmacking, yet these women were undeterred by the task at hand. With nearly 80 percent of German city centers being destroyed by Allied bombs during the war, the amount of cleanup seemed nearly insurmountable. Buildings were left in pieces— and many of those left standing were unsafe. But still, the trümmerfrauen worked. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder, determined to clean up their cities. Determined to return to life again.


Image taken by Fred Ramage.

Credit: Anti Worlds