Welcome to paradise. Stephanie Gilmore’s episode of My Place for Nowness will make you want to kick off your shoes and run into the sea, because the surfer’s home in Malibu is everything you could want from a beach oasis. For a woman who doesn’t like to be tied down, she’s certainly managed to make an amazing home for herself. Though her free spirit is clear in every inch of it. “Since she joined the World Tour of surfing as a wildcard at just 17, Stephanie Gilmore, now 29, has lived most of her life on the road. In 2016 she put down roots in the historic surf mecca of Malibu, and in the latest episode of My Place, the much-lauded Australian sportswoman takes us through the surfboards, trophies, art and ephemera of her ‘country club for mermaids’,” the description explains. She’s an irreverent, open, and bubbly surfer— and her place seems to be an ideal reflection of the woman living in it.

With a closet that is about 90 percent wet suits and bikinis, she’s definitely made her mark on the space. Although she travels a lot and doesn’t seem to be too precious about material things— besides a surfboard, of course— there are a few key mementos that really make her house a home. World titles, paintings, and surfboards that double as works of art make it a sports enthusiast’s dream. And the with the ocean so close, you can start to imagine yourself on vacation.

If you want to get an inside look at her bright and airy pad, you can see the whole video here:

It’s amazing to see such an accomplished athlete who just doesn’t seem to take themselves (or life) too seriously. You can imagine her feeling at home and relaxed almost anywhere in the world, but this country club for mermaids certainly reflect’s Gilmore’s heart and soul.