A man called Jeff and a van called Lucy— sounds like an unlikely combination, but this video is their story. And it sure is a happy one. Jeff originally followed what you might call a traditional trajectory, being pushed into university without a real direction and ending up interested in investment banking. In addition to school, he invested on the side, until he realized that his life was turning into little more than an obsession with money. Then he decided to make a change— a big change. He sold everything he owned, deleted Facebook, and moved to Costa Rica. From there, he ended up moving to Australia. That was the first place he started living in a van. But when he moved back home, van living really became his way of life.

Lucy, his van, is decked out with solar panels and an inverter, a water pump, roof racks, and everything else he could need to live and thrive. But not only that, Jeff runs his business through working remotely. Lifestyle Over Luxury is a eco-friendly, sustainable brand that he makes work even while he’s on the road. It’s a far cry from the life of an investment banker— and it looks like so much more fun. An authentic, fulfilling lifestyle that he can take wherever he wants. What’s not to love?

If you want an inside look at how he makes it work, you can check out the whole thing here:

Like he says, he makes every single inch of space useful— it’s the key to living in such a small area. But practical thinking and planning reap such huge rewards. He gets to be his own boss, but, more than that, he gets to live in a way that makes him feel happy and true to himself. And he can do it anywhere he pleases.