The London burger scene is about to get a whole lot more delicious. Pegasus Foods have signed an exclusive agreement with The Habit Restaurants, cementing plans to bring the Habit Burger Grill to the UK and to the Netherlands next year. The first two Habit Burger Grill restaurants are scheduled to roll out in the suburbs of London in 2018, before expanding across the UK with plans for 30 locations, so you hopefully won’t be waiting long to get the full Habit Burger experience.

If you’re not familiar with the restaurant, its associated with excellence and, of course, taste. “The Habit Burger Grill, established in Santa Barbara, California in 1969, was voted by American consumers as America’s best tasting burger and positions itself within the better burger market as a fast casual restaurant that uniquely combines chargrilling over an open flame to create a delicious variety of fresh and flavourful burgers, sandwiches, salads, and more – served with genuine hospitality and a quality-first mind set,” the press release explains. The UK has seen more and more burger restaurants migrating from the US and it has definitely heightened the fast casual dining scene in England. The Habit Burger’s signature charburger will be a total game changer in the UK burger scene— and they’ve got salads, sandwiches, and classic American shakes and malts on offer, too. If you want all the details, check out the website.  

“We are honoured and excited to bring The Habit Burger Grill to the United Kingdom and the Netherlands,” Phil Blackband, Chief Executive Officer of Pegasus Foods, said in a press release. “We have a strong belief in The Habit brand and have been long-time fans of their signature chargrilled burgers, delicious sandwiches and fresh salads.” And so have we. It’s exiting news for burger fans in the UK and for anyone who loves a delicious fast casual dining experience. Bring it on.