From the famous adage that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert, this video from Secret Sessions shows what it’s like for musicians trying to find their feet— and their sound. “Secret Sessions is a London based accelerator for emerging artists,” the description explains. “We have live and acoustic events happening every month. 10,000 Hours is a dedication to the hardworking emerging artists in London and all around the world.”

And often we underestimate the work that happens to make an artist successful. It’s the practice that takes when no one is watching, it’s resisting the urge to give up even when you can’t make rent and your friends are all going on holiday. It’s not knowing when the end is in sight. Like the video explains, it’s every little sacrifice that people make for the love of music. If you live in a city like London, you see just how many people are trying to break into the art and music worlds. You see them try— and you see many of them give up. But there are some who manage to persevere despite it all.

“Because music isn’t made of gold, and it’s definitely not made of money, it’s more like how the bees will conjure nectar into honey.

Because music’s the space between your steps, between your loving eyes, the thing that brings a room to song, the song that makes us cry.

Because music is fragile, music is moody, music’s a lifetime’s call to duty, promoting frequencies of beauty: from campfires and lyres to counterpoint choirs, concertos and light shows and Friday night discos.”

You can see the whole video here:


The artist’s journey isn’t an easy one— and it’s definitely not a glamorous one. But Secret Sessions is doing their best to help people on theirs. Check out all the amazing work they do and keep helping new and exciting artists break out.