People like to say that nothing can get in the way of your dreams. That anything is possible if you try hard enough. Normally, it sounds like a cliche, or even like a lie. But sometimes there is someone amazing enough, awe-inspiring enough to make you realize that those words are completely, one hundred percent true. Isaiah Acosta is one of those people. He was born without a jaw. He was born without a way to communicate. But, at just 17 years old and despite being a mute, he has already established himself as a rapper.

His story is completely incredible. When he was born his parents were told that he had very little chance of survival, let alone walking and interacting the world. But he walks just fine and, thanks to the power of texting and some pretty remarkable facial expressions, he’s also been able to express himself. Poems and lyrics have always been a form of therapy for him, but with the help of the rapper Trap House he’s been able to bring those words to life.

“Hip hop allows you to be a voice for the voiceless,” Trap House says. “… We were talking a little earlier and I definitely agree with you that you should always rise to be able to do what you want and, you know, never let the opinions of others hold you back from achieving your goals.”

And Acosta certainly isn’t going to let anyone get in his way. He’s not scared of the online criticism or the stares— he’s even turned down a cosmetic jaw— for him, it’s all about telling his story and sharing it the world. And with Trap House stepping in, his message is spreading faster than ever.

Great Big Story did a short film on the collaboration. It’s amazing to watch. If you want some perspective on your own struggles and setbacks, a look at Acosta will make you think about the world in a totally different way. He had ever reason not to try. Every doctors warning, every low expectation— he ignored it all. He decided what his path would be. He refused to listen to anyone else. He decided his own destiny.

You can see the whole video here:


Thank god Trap Door took the time to see what was in Acosta and find a way to bring it into the world. He sees the poetry of his work and feels the need to share it and spread it for everyone to hear. As for the rest of us, we just get to benefit. Not only from his words, not only from his poetry, but from the reminder that some people out there are truly limitless. If Acosta can achieve all of this at such a young age, despite every adversity, what’s stopping you?