Do you know what happened on 9/11? If not, be prepared to find out. His name is Harry John Rolland— The World Trade Center man. He gives “an education on the devastation” every day. Every. Day. He is down at Ground Zero telling people about the events of September 11th. He seeks out those who don’t seem to understand the significance of what happened there. Maybe it’s because they were dragged their by a parent or on a school trip. Maybe they were too young to remember it properly. Maybe they just don’t know the details. But no matter what, he’s there to inform them.

To him, it’s important that the importance of the day is remembered. He can’t stand people touring around Ground Zero without realizing what they’re seeing. He needs them to know how that one day changed the world completely.

“I remember this guy from Canada gave me a hundred dollar bill,” Rolland says. “He said I love what you do, you’re teaching people the truth… keep it up.” That was the exchange that meant most to him, but he’s touched the lives of so many more. With pictures of the day, facts about what happened, he comes armed to tell the truth and share the details of 9/11 with people from all around the world. Unfazed has made a lovely tribute to him and his work— a short film entitled, “Don’t Say Two”. You can watch the whole thing here:


What happened at the World Trade Center shook history. For those of us who were around to remember it, it looms so large in our consciousness. It’s hard to imagine that there are people who don’t know the details— the hows, the wheres, the whys. But as time goes by, for more and more people it will be a distant part of history. And The World Trade Center man will be their to help show them exactly what happened.