With the current political climate, it’s so important for people to speak openly about abortion. And it’s even more important that Christians and other religious people step forward to defend a woman’s right to choose. And that’s exactly what Amy Brenneman is doing.

Brenneman achieved notoriety on NYPD Blue and has had an successful acting and directing career. But she teamed up with Lives of Women to do something totally different— to talk about her abortion. She had an abortion when she was 21 years old. And she goes to church on Sunday. And she understands how both of those things can be OK.

Although she had come forward 10 years ago to speak about her abortion, she rightly realized that that was before the rise of social media. Talking about it now, when it can spread and really be heard, is vital. Because she is religious. But she belongs to a church that believes in and supports the moral agency of women. She respects her own autonomy over her body, her ability to decide what is right for her and for her fetus. Seeing the response to opening up about her abortion on social media was really eye-opening. The hate, the vitriol that admitting to an abortion provoked— and living through that— was “transformative”. You can see her talk about the whole ordeal here:

It’s not easy for women today to open up about having had an abortion. It’s even harder for a religious woman to do it. But women’s rights and religion do not have to be enemies— Brenneman demonstrates that. Religious women can come out and support other women. Sharing her experiences are a dangerous choice, but Brenneman is willing to be pilloried to show her support for a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body. If only more would do the same.