If you want to take candid, unguarded photographs that hit home, is there anywhere better than New York City? Photographer Daniel Arnold thinks it’s the best place to do it. And if his work is anything to go by, he’s absolutely right. 

“Known for his off-guard shots of the citizens of New York, taken everywhere from subway carriages to street parties, Arnold is the latest pavement-pounding photographer capturing the real experiences of American life,” Nowness explains. “A passion that started off as a pastime, practiced between his jobs as a journalist, Arnold’s photographic style—and perhaps the reason for his wide appeal—sees him get up-close to his subjects, capturing authentic moments that draw viewers in.”

And it really does. So much so, in fact, that he’s been accused of just taking videos and choosing the best screenshots, because the details he catches are unbelievable. Though that’s patently untrue, it speaks to his skill. He says: “I love that it’s my job to spend the vast majority of my time, like, looking at the world and saying, ‘What the hell is this?'” A passion— or even a compulsion— for capturing the world, his trajectory from writer to photographer shows just how dedicated he is to share real world moments. “It took me ten years of wanting to do that to actually find the nerve,” he says.

You can see the whole interview here. His take on the internet and it’s ability to level out the playing field for artists is particularly interesting, but really anyone interested in photography should take the time to watch.


If New York is the most real, gritty, in your face place in the world, then Arnold seems to be just the man to capture it. He’s made a career out of catching people at their most open— and listening to him talk about it is a real treat.