“I mean, my clothing is my tool… it helps me access my relationships with the world around me and the people in it,” says gender-fluid model Rain Dove in her StyleLikeU interview. And it’s about a whole lot more than just the superficial. Listening to the varying way she presents in society and how society responds is both fascinating and, at times, depressing. “Society rewards me the most for dressing as cisgendered heterosexual white male,” she explains. And hearing all the different variations— and the difference in how she’s treated based on how she’s presenting— is really eye-opening.

If you haven’t heard of Rain, she made a splash long before this video. “Rain is an accidental model, who launched a successful career after being goaded by a friend to audition for a Calvin Klein runway show,” the description explains. “After being sorted as ‘male’ by the casting director and asked to walk topless with the rest of the guys, Rain did so with her characteristic daring, ‘boobs out.’ And while this ballsy move launched her career as both a both men’s and women’s wear model known for her fierce gender nonconformity, it was also a formative experience in terms of her own personal struggle with being shunned for who she is, as well as for fashion’s still nascent embrace of non-cisgender identities.”

For a behind the scenes look at everything from her debut runway show to living as an androgynous women in America— as well as some truly traumatic experiences— you should check out the whole video. You can see it all here:

Rain Dove is articulate, passionate, and worth paying attention to. She’s definitely someone to watch, especially to get a totally unique insight into gender politics in America. This series from StyleLikeU continues to be refreshing, frank, and totally addicting— you can bet that we’ll be keeping an eye on what comes next.