It’s a very straightforward premise— with only a couple of hours, a woman and a friend need to find someone to watch her baby for a few days. But this short film, The Baby by Ali Asgari, gives so much more. There is slow-rising tension, gritty visuals, and the understated power of real-life dilemmas.

The Baby is a film fraught with tension,” Short of the Week explains. “Not action-movie tension, but authentic real-life tension. Shot in an almost documentary fashion, you really feel the urgency and implications of the situation Narges and her friend find theirselves in. In terms of concept, it’s quite a simple film (the synopsis sums up the plot fittingly), but in terms of impact Asgari’s short, and that aforementioned authentic feel, will leave you with lots to think about.” And that’s exactly what Asgari hopes you will do.

He has a keen interest in real-world problems. “Some filmmakers are attracted to specific genres such as drama or comedy,” the filmmaker told IndieWire. “My interest instead is to portray the human condition of people who are coming from a certain social background. Nowadays, many people do not really care about what’s happening around them, and I want to show the pain, the sorrows and the emotions of other people through my own feelings. It is very important to me that I leave the audience with the feelings that I expect them to feel.” Luckily, his deft hand and superb direction makes sure that happens. He leaves you exactly where he wants to leave you.

You can watch the film here:


It’s subtle but emotionally wrought— and leaves you feeling like there’s so much more to digest. It’s the kind of film that sticks to your bones and is on your mind long afterward. Asgari’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed, he’s also created The Pain and The Silence— and the latter picked up a Palme d’Or nomination for ‘Best Short Film’ at Cannes in 2016. He’s a big talent with a lot to say, so keep an eye on him.