Are you a history buff? Do you also never want to sleep again? Then this is the video for you. Seriously though, this animatronic Abraham Lincoln in amazing and terrifying all in one. Because it’s real. Too real. It comes from Garner Holt Productions and it is one of the best robot, humanoid, special effect—  to be honest, I don’t even know what to call it, but it’s unbelievable.

“The animatronic Lincoln bust we showcased at our open house represents the current state of the art in mechanical animation,” Garner Hold Productions has explained. “It’s also the first in a new line of super-expressive animatronic products we’re calling ‘The Living Faces of History,’ which we will market not only to our traditional theme park clients but to museums and cultural centers as a means of bringing cutting-edge technology into alternative narrative-driven locations.” The range of expressions, the intricacy of the movements, it’s all astounding. You can see how it would be attention-grabbing in a theme park— or anywhere else.

Really, the only way you can appreciate it is to see it in action. So you can check out of it here:

I told you— incredible, terrifying, and basically every other adjective in the book. But the company has big hopes for using it to help engage people with history in a way that more traditional museums and exhibitions can’t. “Something I’ve seen time and time again in attractions and exhibits is people lose interest in reading explanatory tags pretty quickly, and even videos lose interest after a minute or two in most settings. But people always listen and watch animatronics—they’re visually appealing, have a sense of magic to them, and, when done properly, provide an illusion of life that compels audiences to pay attention.” I mean, I can’t help but pay attention to this. I literally can’t look away.

What do you think? Too close for comfort or the future of historical teaching? The truth is, it’s probably a little of both. Well done, Garner Hold Productions.