If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, then Youtube has another amazing gift for you. HansoArt has created drawings of every major character killed off on the show. Then, in one take, he goes through each one and illustrates how they died. Considering how many characters there are to go through, this the huge amount of effort. In fact, the artist estimates that it took about 150 hours to do all the drawings. Which they promptly destroy in a spectacular fashion.

It’s silly, but really cool to watch. And coming up with different ways to illustrate and demonstrate the many deaths that have taken place— each in a unique way— is a feat in itself. So you really should check out the video.

First, though: SPOILERS. I mean, the video contains SPOILERS, obviously. And they’re going through all of the big deaths, so that’s a lot of spoilers. Killing characters off is like 80 percent of Game of Thrones. So, thanks, George R. R. Martin. You break our hearts every damn time. And if you don’t already know who was stabbed, who was burned alive, and who just fell through a big-ass hole, then it might be best to skip it.

But take a look at the video if you want to see just how many deaths HansoArt can fit into other three and a half minutes. And then take a minute and say a prayer that your favorite character is allowed to survive through next season.

See? A whole lot of deaths— and a whole lot of beautiful drawings ruined. Also, did you hear that amazing backing track? I think that remix must be the hit of the summer. Who doesn’t want to get down to the sounds of Game of Thrones and dozens of bloody deaths? It’s basically a top ten right there.

Those are the complete deaths for now. We’ll all just have to strap in and see what happens next season— I’m sure we’ll be adding to the list.