Have you’ve ever thought of packing it all in and going off the beaten path? Then the the folks at A Great Big Story have a short film to show you just how it’s done. The film, Alone In Paradise, features Warrick Mitchell, who lives in the oldest and largest national park in New Zealand. And it is incredibly remote— in fact, where he lives is four days walk from the closest road. Despite there being over 12,000 square kilometers of land, only a few dozen people are brave enough to live there. But it’s an incredibly close-knit community who live in harmony with nature.

“Living in the wilderness doesn’t mean you’re living in isolation from people. We certainly couldn’t be doing what we do if it wasn’t for the pilots and our neighbors and our friends,” Mitchell explains. Maybe it’s the harshness of the terrain bringing people together. Maybe it’s that the few people who choose such a life are naturally like-minded. In either case, they have created a support network.

Mitchell explains how he relies on rainwater for drinking and lives off of the land. But it’s not all low tech—  solar panels, satellites, quad bikes, freezer, and bicycles help with day-to-day life. A lot of time is spent fishing, surfing, kayaking, and hunting— but daily activities depend on the weather. 

Though it’s a tough existence in many ways, it’s easy to see how the breathtaking scenery and vast expanse of untouched nature can draw you in. “Really, we are at the mercy of the weather and the tides,” Mitchell says. “And our day to day life, it’s difficult living out here. But if you do what’s needed and everything comes together it’s a really rewarding place to be.”

You can watch the whole video and get a look at how Mitchell lives off of the land here:

Stunning, right? You can see how tempting it would be to pack it all in— and Mitchell has certainly done just that.