Days before news broke that Charlie Sheen is preparing to tell the world he has HIV, one of his ex-girlfriends preemptively announced that she did not contract the virus.

Former porn star Bree Olson posted the message on her website Friday. Though she didn’t name Sheen, PEOPLE confirmed Monday that the Anger Management actor has confided his diagnosis to those closest to him.

“There are speculations circling that one of my ex boyfriends from years ago may have contracted the HIV virus. They are rumors and I know nothing more than anyone else,” wote Olson, 29. “I, myself have been to my gynecologist at least once a year since we split up and have always been tested across the board for everything and have came back clean across the board every time.”

Olson, whose real name is Rachel Oberlin, lived with Sheen, 50, in 2011 as one of the “goddesses” in his Los Angeles home following his public meltdown and firing from Two and a Half Men.

As for his health battle, Olson invoked a famous line from Game of Thrones: “Call me Jon Snow. I know nothing.”

Sheen is expected to discuss living with HIV on the Today show Tuesday.

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Source: People