From the green hills of Ireland to arid Ethiopia to London’s Chelsea, DARE TO BE WILD is a romantic adventure inspired by real life Mary Reynolds, a young landscape designer, determined to enter the annual Chelsea Flower Show with her wild Irish nature garden.

Betrayed in the cutthroat world of Dublin celebrity society, Mary has little hope and no money, but has one earth-changing idea. But how does a penniless unknown dare compete in the Olympics of Gardening where even Prince Charles is a rival?

Defying all odds, Mary embarks on an Ethiopian odyssey to bring back the one man, Christy Collard, whose mission is to make the desert bloom again. He meets a woman so compelled to preserve the wild, that passion blazes in this transformative adventure.

DARE TO BE WILD selected as a feature film entry for the prestigious  

British Film Festival Australia

Screening in Sydney, Melbourne, Bryon Bay, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide.

Starring (Emma GreenwellPride and Prejudice and ZombiesLove and FriendshipShameless.) 

(Tom Hughes, The Game, SilkAbout Time)

“… Dare to be Wild  is an irresistible love letter to nature, to nurture, to wildness. It inspired me and moved me to unexpected tears. I came home with an urge to sow things. Wild things.”  


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