Senator Daisy Ehanire Danjuma is a Nigerian lawyer, served as Senator for Edo South (2003-2007), is currently the Executive Vice Chairman for SAPETRO, a member of the Board of Trusties for PDP, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and mother of 5.



1 ) Passport: I need to make sure I have a means of identification for official purposes and I am not stranded wherever I am. With this, I can always travel and move freely around the world.

2) Jewellery: I would definitely take all my jewellery. As a business woman I see them as investments. They are the first thing you can sell if you have nothing else as they always have value. I could make money from selling them and rebuild my life.

3) Bedside Bible: When everything is lost, you have to have faith! There is only life by the grace of God and you have to remember that! That matters above all else.

4) Bedside Rosary: I went to a Catholic school, but I am not Catholic. I like to buy rosaries everywhere I travel. I always keep one at the head of my bed. It has become like a mascot to me.

5) Phone: I have to be connected. To be able to contact people and be accessible. My phone is used mainly for calls and pictures and always with me.


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