Aston Martin has announced that it plans to sell just one of the ten DB10 models used during filming of the latest James Bond movie, Spectre. Up for grabs at a so far undisclosed auction next year, it is expected to draw in film and car collectors from around the world.

While it is a fantastic looking car, the DB10’s appeal may be significantly limited by the fact that it isn’t homologated or registered for road usage, although this will most likely not put off the most die hard fans.

When it was first revealed, the DB10 promised Aston Martin fans a glimpse at the future direction of the company’s next big production model, which will be called the DB11. While the DB10 built for the film is simply a dressed up V8 Vantage, the DB11 is expected to feature all new underpinnings, as well as heavily revised Aston Martin V12 power, as well as a new twin-turbo AMG V8 powerplant.

This living breathing concept car is rather special then, and although Aston Martin built just ten for the film, the interior is just as exquisitely finished, as you would expect a production car. Like the outside, it provides a look at the future design direction of the company.

While James Bond has had flirtations with many different cars over the year (see our best Bond cars feature here), it’s the secret agent’s long-standing 50-year relationship with Aston Martin that has driven the company to create this the bespoke the car.

Despite the fact it will never be driven legally on the road, evo magazine managed to give the DB10 a thorough test at the Millbrook proving ground (where keen Bond fans should recognise the Alpine handling course from Casino Royale). Watch the video below, or read the full review here.


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