Anonymous asked: You strike me as an intelligent man. Care to comment on abortion?
This is precisely the problem. The opinion of a man shouldn’t be counted. It is not his body, and it may not even be his child. Ultimately, even if I impregnated a girl and wanted her to keep it, I’d still drive her to the abortion clinic.

In the same way you cannot murder a tree, you cannot murder a zygote. The conceptus is not an embryo. It is the stage before intraembryonic and extraembryonic tissues. This is to say a diploid is NOT guaranteed life.

In order to kill anything, it must first be alive. A plant may be organic life, but it isn’t exactly living. A tree is therefore felled instead of murdered. In other words, watering a seed and then dousing it in acid is not immoral.

Interfering with the possibility of life is not murder. The life must be certain. This is the same principle that allows families to turn off life support despite a small chance of the comatose waking. If, however, the patient was guaranteed to wake, then this is murder.

A baby can survive independently of its mother at 22–24 weeks. This is when it ceases to be interfering with the possibility of life and becomes murder. An abortion is only slightly more interfering than using contraception through basic logic.

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