Blackberry.. I’m old skool and refuse to cross to iphone/samsung… literally can’t go anywhere without it… not necessarily for social contact, but I’m obsessed with taking pictures of the kids and always take around 50 pics a day, even if at home doing a food shop. I’m nuts…

Dummy… well, my youngest is 12 weeks and has terrible reflux… if I move without having a stash of these with me… the day would be a disaster! Essential essential essential!

Nude lip colour…‎ vain, maybe… but between 3 kids, school runs, our crazy dog diego and the hubby… there is not much time for an extensive beauty regime… so a bit of nude lip colour makes me feel better!

Sunnies! I have hundreds! Cannot live without them. Best secret (not so secret) weapon…. not matter how tired one looks, these are the best concealers! They also go with my love for general accessories. You can always find me on the darkest, rainiest day.. still in sunnies!

Dog tag necklace… I have these dog tags for all of us, Russ, the kids.. I cannot go anywhere without them, we have in colours and it makes sure we are always all ‘together’ even if we’re not physically. All our names are printed on the tags and everyone has a personal message on their own ones.