“We were trying to find the balance between the natural and the man-made,” BJ Siegel explains. The architect, who is also head of store design for Apple, went the minimal route when designing a home with his partner, Danielle, and the results are truly inspiring. Capitalizing on the gorgeous Sonoma Country landscape, Siegel opted for the customizable prefab design weeHouse rather than splashing out on complicated designs. The result? Sublime simplicity.

“I think a lot of people don’t necessarily buy into the idea of less is more,” he explains. “I think a lot of people think more is more. And they add features and they add complexity and they add size and it makes them feel like they’ve actually gotten more and I think it’s much more difficult and much harder to actually get there through doing less. That’s the fun challenge.” To get a look behind the home, you can see all about it here:

It’s lovely seeing a less-is-more attitude that respects the integrity of the landscape and, frankly, results in a jaw-dropping home. When it comes to interacting with the environment, it’s an important reminder that sometimes the best way to make your mark is to make as small of a mark as possible.