Mahogany Sessions knows how to deliver an incredible piece of music caught on camera — but this combination of Stu Larsen with the London Contemporary Voices choir is truly extraordinary. All of those melodic voices with a guitar and natural lighting — there’s something sublime in the simplicity.

Of course, Larsen is all about simplicity when it comes to his music. “It’s pretty simple,” Larsen told Loads of Music. “That’s the word I can think of. The music is very simple, simple lyrics, simple melodies, and simple guitar chords. It’s not complex at all, simple acoustic folk. I like it like that… Usually, I’ll just sit down and it just starts spilling out. I never sit down to deliberately write a song about a certain thing. I just start playing and something comes out, I then just start shaping the song around that. Maybe the melody comes slightly before the finished lyrics.” And though it may be simple, it is undeniably powerful — and with the London Contemporary Voices choir, that power really takes hold.

You can see the whole video here:

Simple music, powerful voices, and a guitar — Mahogany Sessions remained dedicated to the integrity of the artist and the art form, and this video shows that at its finest.