Dag Aabye is just your typical septuagenarian ultra-marathon champion — who also happens to live off-grid and is nearly impossible to track down. In fact, according to this astounding short, he may just be the most elusive man in North America. This short film is a commentary on societal expectations, the haze of modern life, and what it means to escape. One of The Atlantic Selects showcase, it follows two filmmakers on their journey to find Aabye.

He lives remotely, on an abandoned school bus — but he’s no stranger to discomfort. Still running 100-mile races, Aabye continues to forge his own path. But can the filmmakers learn from him — and can they even find him? You can check out their whole journey here:

The way that Aabye has responded — or refused to respond — to the societal expectations of aging is truly inspiring. He’s a man who just does, who just continues, who builds and creates. Not many of us may be ready to head off-grid and live in a school bus, but there’s clearly so much we can learn from a man like Aabye. He’s created his own path, ignored expectations, and come up with his own ways to thrive… and that may be the most elusive thing about him.