The man can dunk. Zion Williamson is a pillar of pure, unadulterated, raw basketball talent. The number 2 hoops recruit in the 2018 ESPN 60 has impressed everyone from the basketball community to his biggest fan, Drake, who regularly sports his jersey. And though he has an incredible and innate athleticism, he’s not resting on any laurels. “I’m still young, I’m still not a finished product and I never want to be a finished product so I want to get better at everything,” Williamson told NBA Draft.

If you want to get a sense of this extraordinary talent, this mini-documentary tells how he went from a four-year-old fan to the number one young player in the country:

There’s no doubt that he’s a once-in-a-generation talent. This video showcases some of his highlights. Seeing his power already is both enthralling and intimidating — even more so when you remember that he’s just beginning to shape and perfect this craft. Any basketball fan will have to appreciate Williamson’s power in this video:

Or, if you want nothing but dunks, this video shows just what Williamson is capable of:

Zion Williamson may have a mythical talent, but he’s also a determined, humble, and charismatic young man who just wants to improve. With that combination, he’ll be unstoppable.