Great content is timeless. No matter how many years on you go back to it, it still feels current, genuine, and hypnotizing — and nothing proves that better than this music video. One of the great videos, Francis and the Lights “The Top” is 10 years old and still on fire. The video features frontman Francis Farewell Starlite singing this pop sensation, and almost the entire shoot is based around just a spotlight and his charisma. There’s a reason that Francis and the Lights has been a favorite of everyone from Drake to Kanye and that his collaborations feature all of the big names. It’s the kind of music you can’t help but move to — and it hasn’t aged a day.

You can watch the whole video here (but don’t blame us if it ends up on repeat):

Francis Farewell Starlite is a unique talent with an interesting approach to music. Unlike many musicians, he’s reported to look at it as a business first — he grants few interviews, plays his cards close to his chest, and hones his product. But the proof is in the pudding — and his songs have been delivering for over a decade. But this video in particular, with genius direction from Jake Schreier, is the one that we just can’t forget.