How do you perfect the craft of screen acting? If anyone has the answer, it may just be Mike Leigh and Lesley Manville, as shown not only through their immense body of work, but through this amazing video. “Mike Leigh’s extraordinary vision has profoundly influenced British cinema for several decades,” the video explains. “His work with actors is legendary. This intimate and comprehensive exchange with actress Lesley Manville, one of his brilliant creative collaborators, is a unique exploration of the art of screen acting.” In this 90-minute video, they discuss the minutia of dealing with the presence of the camera (and making it work for you) through to the dangers of actors becoming obsessed with seeing themselves on screen — and everything in between.

With Lesley Manville’s totally astounding career history — including works like Topsy-Turvey, All Or Nothing, North and South, and, of course, Emmerdale — it’s a real insight being able to just hear her speak about her experience and what she’s learned. While we all ingest film and TV all the time, we don’t stop and think about what goes into it — and how screen acting differs from stage acting. You can watch the whole video here:

Such an in-depth conversation between two greats is a rare treat — and one that delves this deeply is truly special, for those working in the field and film fans alike.