If you want to feel like you will never, ever be cool enough, this short documentary of Parisian skaters will give you an injection of an unattainable level of cool. Seriously though, these young men not only have some skills on a skateboard, they also pulse and roam through one of the most beautiful cities in the world like it’s their own private playground. Around The Block follows Parisian skaters Paul, Victor, Ludovic, Ymard, Mickael, and Antoine as they navigate Paris’ famous and lesser-known streets, monuments, and neighborhoods. This video is a compilation of all six skaters, though each of them was also captured individually in short films you can watch on Vimeo.

But to get a sense of the full scale of the project, you can check out their cumulative video here:


There’s an electric energy to the project, with the pulse of the city, the skaters, and the soundtrack all moving together — a hypnotic, unusual tour of one of the world’s most famous locations.