This is what the Mahogany music sessions are all about. Josh Barry’s debut sessions announce his arrival on the music scene not just with a splash, but with a waterful of music, power, soul, and sound. Barry was last year’s winner of Glastonbury’s emerging talent award, but his star is only beginning to rise. From the earliest moments of this track, with his haunting but passionate vocals coming in acapella, you know that you’re in for something special. His vocal range and control are astounding, as he performs musical gymnastics for three minutes of bliss.

Mahogany sessions continue to deliver unique and interesting musical experiences, but this track really nails what Mahogany is about. Stunning acapella vocals, a new and exciting artist, a quartet of talented backup singers, all surrounded by fine art and a warm color palate — it’s a true feast for the eyes and the ears. To see why Barry is going to be a household name, you can watch the whole performance here:

Shooting an acapella performance like this in the Dulwich Picture Gallery is the kind of inspired choice that we’ve come to expect from Mahogany, but it’s Barry’s vocals that are really the star of the show.