Some duets just seem meant to be. This gorgeous, gentle ballad from Ben Abraham and Sara Bareilles, called This Is On Me, is deceptively powerful. They’re a great pair and their mutual respect shines through in the music. “I think Sara has one of the most beautiful voices in music and also happens to be one of the smartest writers working in pop music,” Abraham told Atwood Magazine. “The aesthetics of her music – and the big commercial hits she’s had – might mislead people into thinking she’s a lightweight ‘pop’ writer, but you just have to listen a little deeper to the stories she tells in her lyrics and the way she turns a phrase to realise what a sharp mind she has. I can’t believe I get to say I worked with someone like that on my first album.”

You can hear their natural ease with each other, so perhaps it’s not a surprise that the songwriting process was equally smooth. “I sent the song minus a second verse to Sara and asked her to finish it off. She sent back a full verse that matched all of my lines and I got the idea to split it up and do the overlapping part. So I made a few chops and changes, sent it back to her and she loved it.”

Take a moment and listen to the song here:

Ben Abraham may be a relatively new face on the music scene, but if this is what he can deliver, there’s a talent and grace that’s sure to carry him through.