Talk about living legends. In this OFF SCRIPT video from Grey Goose, Jamie Foxx sits down to interview Denzel Washington, who consistently demonstrates an amazing sense of humor — and a humility about his success. “I’m not competing,” he says. “I’m not competing with anybody else. I’m just trying to get better.” Despite his huge success, it’s clear that he, ever the craftsman, still feels that there’s so much room to grow. He’s open about his regret — like turning down Brad Pitt’s role in Seven — and completely charming when Foxx recounts running across the street and trying to hug him years and years ago. Turns out, Washington has some mean self-defense moves. But, more than anything, it’s obvious that he’s just focusing on the art and seeking out new challenges.

To see these two men, full of grace and charm, talk together, laugh together, and, just for a moment, even sing together, you can see the whole video here:

There are few actors who could hold a candle to Denzel Washington — both in terms of his powerhouse presence in the industry and his down-to-earth presence. Washington has been shaping the Hollywood landscape for years and Foxx is an amazing conversationalist alongside him. A video of these two living legends together is a rare and lovely find.