Talk about an old soul. Many of the commenters on this video talk about how Anna Leone, the singer and songwriter, seems so well beyond her years. In fact, she brings a sensitivity and insight reminiscent of the greats she grew up with. “I grew up listening to artists like Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens and Nina Simone,” she told Spindle magazine. “A lot of great singer-songwriters basically. I think they’ve definitely inspired how I write today by giving me the philosophy that the most important thing is finding the emotion in a song and not necessarily doing something very produced and ‘perfect’. I listen to a lot of pop music and soundtracks for movies and video games now, which inspire me a lot as well, but I think my writing still centres around the fragility that comes from just playing a guitar.”

If you want to get a sense of her immense talent and powerfully sharp eye, you can watch her video for the extrodinary My Soul I here:

It’s a hypotic song, maybe because it was so natural for her. “‘My Soul I’ was a song that came to life pretty naturally, in the sense that both the lyrics and the melody called out to me,” she said. “I feel strongly about it cause it really captured what I felt at the time. The lyrics are very direct and I think that’s one of the reasons why. It doesn’t try to hide anything, it just needed to be written at that time and in that way.” We’re so glad it was.