Apple has given us another range to be in awe of. The new iPhone XS (pronounced ‘ten-nis’) is here, as well as the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR. The new chip they’ve used to great the foundation of these remarkable products, called the A12 Bionic, is meant to be the smartest and most powerful chip ever in a smartphone. This new technology allows for augmented reality, more advanced video games, and other apps that need real-time enhancements — something most smartphones can’t deliver. The XS and XS Max both feature an upgraded version of the iPhone X’s dual-lens camera and Face ID recognition — and promise to deliver better portraits and low-light options. The XR, meanwhile, offers a lower price point without losing the wow-factor.

To show just how powerful this new line is, at the launch event in Cupertino Apple demonstrated how the iPhone handled an app called HomeCourt, seamlessly using the camera’s viewfinder to both track and analyse basketball shots— all while providing real-time feedback on the player’s technique. The future is certainly here. “No other chip in the world would allow us to do this,” Apple’s Kaiann Drance explained.

Oh — and if that doesn’t impress you, it’s also available in gold.

If you want to see more of Apple’s three new phone offerings, this introduction should give you all of the information you need:

If you can’t wait to get your hands on one of the new line, the iPhone XR will be available from $749, with pre-orders starting October 19. The iPhone XS will start at $999, while the iPhone XS Max at $1099 — they’ll be available for preorderr from September 14th. It’s time to get in line.