You can still see the smoke. As Finnish soldiers ride in a captured Soviet T-26 light infantry tank through the fiery streets of Petrozavodsk, their intensity is clear during this key moment of the Finnish-Soviet Continuation War. After this, Petrozavodsk and the rest of East Karelia remained under occupation for three years, though it was retaken by the Soviets in 1944. The Continuation War was a brutal, ongoing confrontation — with estimates of hundreds of thousands dead on the Soviet side. As much of the fighting took place in the wilderness, unorthodox military methods were used on both sides and, in some cases, civilians were targetted — including the elderly and children.


Petrozavodsk, Karelo-Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic (Republic of Karelia), Russia, Soviet Union.

1 October 1941.

Image taken by M. Manninen. 

Credit: Anti-Worlds