For many, this is the ultimate kid-in-a-candy-shop experience. George Bamford, of Bamford Watch Department, takes us behind the scenes of his personal watch and car collection in this jaw-dropping video. As you get a sense of Bamford’s love, his passion, for vintage cars and watches, you start to see how this collection affects his legendary watch company, which produces some of the most high-end, in-demand watches in the business.

He takes inspiration from the color of a seat, from the paint of an off-roader. Each car and each watch tells a story — whether it’s the car he drove when he first started dating his wife or the one that makes him think of his father. But more than just a collector, what is clear is that he loves to drive and to use his cars. Rather than a pristine collection sitting away gathering dust, his are dented, chipped, and cherished. The same is true of his watches — including the first one he stripped down to understand how it worked and, in doing so, found a career.

You can see the whole video here:

Though his collection is, in some senses, completely out of control you can also see that it’s about so much more than owning and showing off. For Bamford, cars and watches aren’t about the showroom, they’re meant to be used, beaten up, and understood. That’s what he does — and it’s how he’s built an empire.