You’ve never heard a song smoother than this. Timothy Bloom’s ‘Til The End Of Time, featuring V, is a soulful, rhythmic ballad that shows his huge range of influences. “I grew up listening to gospel, old backwoods juke joint gospel,” he told Billboard. “Then I heard ‘Lay Lady Lay,’ and that drove me to all types of music from Nina Simone and Beethoven to Duran DuranJoan Baez and Motown.” And he makes an effort to unite all of these different strands in his music. “Trilogy is about my life experiences and journey with music. People are always telling me that I’m all over the place; that they can’t put me in a set box. So I came up with this concept to revisit all of my musical influences. I’m using all of those inspirations — gospel, rock, folk, R&B — from back in the day to today.”

But when his reassuring, hypnotic voice is coupled with V’s emotional riffs, it’s a glorious combination. The music video, simple and raw, reminds the listener that this song is all about the passion, the emotion, and the energy between two people. You can see the whole thing here:

Bloom is an amalgamation of greatness. When Gospel meets R&B meets Mowtown — and some unique X-factor ties it all together — beautiful things can happen. This misleading simple pairing is actually built on so much, allowing their emotion and their talents to shine through.