It’s nearly impossible to believe that a year has passed since the deadly attack in Charlottesville, North Carolina. As thousands poured into the streets against fascism, against racism, and against injustice, one of them was murdered in a brutal attack as a car drove into the crowd. MSNBC followed up with the community one year later, to see how things have changed — and what problems still remain. “One year after the Unite the Right white supremacy rally, we went to Charlottesville to meet survivors of the deadly car attack — and learned that, for some, the future still looks uncertain,” the video explains. Though the streets are quiet and empty, the sense of turmoil is still very much present.

And part of that presence is due to the uncertainty that surrounds many of the victims. Some struggle to adjust back to normal life, many still struggle with medical bills — even turning to crowdsourcing. You can see the whole video here:

What happened in Charlottesville, the death and the violence, was undoubtedly a terrorist attack. A terrorist attack against those standing up for justice. While we talk about the city, the night, the events, we so rarely take the time to learn about the victims — their stories, their names, their struggles. Videos like this help us remember where the focus should be: it’s about the people.