Purity of design. Simplicity. There’s a lot to love about this classic car. This video explores the grandeur of an iconic car — the Land Rover series. This “honest 4X4” had a near-perfect design that was hardly tweaked for decades. Here you can see Basem Wasef and his treasured car, doing exactly what that care was meant to be doing: exploring.

“… while the English 4x4s have enjoyed a renaissance of popularity as of late, for every pristine one parked in a spotless garage there’s an old workhorse being chucked through the mud, used as intended. Basem Wasef falls into the latter camp; his 1963 Series IIA cleans up pretty nicely, but it looks much better fording than it does parked and polished,” the video explains. “Early Land Rovers like this one are pieces of equipment built for prolonged and hard use. A tool for travel, for exploration, for finding the pleasure in mechanical purity. To drive it requires constant adjustment and attention, and you’ll barely hit highway speeds down a hill, but to be part of a different era and attitude of the automobile is well worth it.”

You get a sense of the history of the car — like the fact that the post-war glut of aluminum allowed for a lightweight design and that the character of the car lets you do nearly everything yourself, even hand-cranking the engine. To explore this magnificent car and get a taste fo Wasef’s passion, you can see the whole video here:

If someone who drives cars for a living has so much passion — and affection — for the classic Land Rover, it must be something truly special. His joy is infectious. If you love off-road adventures, then it just doesn’t get any better.