When you talk about a national treasure, they don’t come any more treasured than Stephen Fry. Famous for his acting, his hosting, his writing, but, more than any of that, Fry is famous for simply being the extraordinary person he is. He has been pioneered a candour about mental health problems that simply wasn’t happening in the UK — but that didn’t bother him. He’s opened doors, broken down boundaries, and lived with a ruthless authenticity.

And this video is a reminder of that. You can see Fry give an address to the Oxford Union — in fact, you can see the address in full. He begins by explaining his indebtedness to Oscar Wilde, with so many delightful and colorful details. He takes twists and turns, adds personal insights, and traces some of the most important moments of Wilde’s life. And when he speaks of Wilde as a man whose brilliance made other people feel taller, it rings incredibly true for Fry, as well. You can see the whole video here:

Fry’s love of Wilde won’t come as a surprise to anyone, but listening to him talk about Wilde’s life with such passion and detail is incredible — and a reminder of Fry’s humility. Stephen Fry has become famous the world over, but he represents something truly special in the UK. This video shows his warmth and brilliance that have helped open up so many dialogues in Britain and made him an inspiration for so many young people.