One woman, a lifetime of roles — Romy Schneider may not be a household name outside of Europe, but she should be. This video is a retrospective of her work — but also a scrutiny of the way that she was presented in the media and how her career has been viewed. Though often a tragic heroine, she was so much more — and her work is synonymous with emotional intensity, without the melodrama.

“I decided to make this video for a number of reasons (a large one being that since I found her movies I’ve been unable to stop talking about and admiring her),” the description explains. “… The more I did and the more reviews I looked up of her I noticed that there was a pattern in many English language retrospectives: she was a beautiful, tragic figure… and well, not that much else? Few English reviews actually go in depth about her acting in itself, usually it’s that her filmography took a couple of dramatic turns and that she was influenced by tragic events in her life. I understand reflecting on and examining acting is extremely difficult given how completely and utterly subjective it is, but I hope maybe I’ve given a little more dedication to the topic of her acting in itself instead of the ubiquitous mythos around her — she was far, far more than a pretty face and a sad story. This notion of her absolute beauty even fed into her depression in later life, and it saddens me a little bit sometimes to see it’s still the thing a lot of people tend to comment on most. Of course, she was beautiful (and always was) it goes without saying, but she was so incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to her performances as well.”

To get a crash-course in her work, her dedication, and her talent you can check out the whole video here:

Schneider’s work involves a deep personal understanding, a subtle touch, and an enchanting charisma. But she was far more than just a tragic heroine. She’s endearing, conflicted, winning, strong, introspective, and so much more. She felt her characters in a real way and saw the potential of every film she worked on — and her work is truly a gift.