Sustainability is an issue that so many of us talk about — and so few of us do anything about. But not Lisa Starr. Starr was so committed to creating a sustainable life that she moved to Joshua Tree, California and totally changed the way that she lived. She started by building an “Earthbag dome home” and soon built an entire village known Bonita Domes — and they’re like nothing you’ve ever seen before. They look like something between a child’s daydream and an architect’s experiment but, crucially, it was a way for Starr to build a home and a life around her philosophies, values, and desires.

The dirt in Joshua Tree is perfect for building, so Starr followed her gut instinct to make something truly incredible. And not only is it sustainable, not only is it forward-thinking, but there’s a sense of play that runs throughout. The entire village has a feeling of child-like wonder, while still being so cleverly designed and executed to make it efficient, sustainable, and very livable. To see how well a dome home actually works as a living space makes sustainable living seem so much more realistic. You can see the whole video here:

Far too few of us actually commit ourselves to sustainability, but seeing what Starr has achieved is a reminder that we can — and we must. There is no reason not to embrace a greener lifestyle, even if you’re not ready for your own personal dome home. Be creative, follow your instinct, and find a way to move forward — just like she did.