What do you do the day after your mother’s funeral? How does life return to normal? The short film “Hello, Again” captures the surreal, numb sensation of what you do right after someone close to you passes away. When the funeral is done, when everything has been said, and when,  suddenly, it’s time join in the real world again. It opens with Owen, played by Jack Brett Anderson, waking up to his father messing with TV — a bizarrely banal activity in light of monumental recent events. This clash of the emotional and the everyday sets the scene for this exploration of love and loss.

Written and directed by Tom Ruddock, the film has a warm and funny take on one of life’s biggest challenges. As Owen meets Maura, played by Naomi Scott, things move from the sorrowful to the somewhat ridiculous, but the film never loses its heart. Despite the desperation of their circumstance, the film reminds us that connections can be found even in the darkest of places. In fact, sometimes those connections are the most profound. It looks at how we stay close to people once they’ve gone, the nature of our relationships with those who have passed — and how those interact with our relationships with the living.

You can see the whole film here:

Anyone who has ever been through the death of a close family member or loved one knows all of the different ways in which grief can manifest. How one person’s grief can confound another person, even as they grieve the same person. “Hello, Again” showcases this in a lovely, playful way — without histrionics or indulgent sentimentality. And, maybe more than all of that, it reminds us that even in the face of grief, it’s OK to laugh. That’s what they’d want, after all.