It couldn’t come at a better time. HBO has released a trailer for Fahrenheit 451,  their adaption of the classic Ray Bradbury novel. For many of us, it was required reading in school that quickly became a favorite. And there’s no better time for an adaptation of it than now, in our current climate of fake news, post-truths, and misinformation. This story takes place in a world where books are dangerous and must be destroyed. “We are not born equal, so we must be made equal by the fire,” the trailer says. Knowledge is a threat and it must be burned.

Starring Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon, this adaptation looks like it’s amazingly well done. The director, Ramin Bahrani is the talented mind behind “Chop Shop,” “Man Push Cart,” and “99 Homes. His take of Bradbury’s dystopian novel look fiery and furious. “Bradbury’s book is simultaneously caustic and melancholy,” The Verge explains. “It’s a classic takedown of censorship and a gently frustrated prediction of a future where people are so absorbed into their entertainment that they don’t care about the world outside their screens… But this trailer is all fire: the literal fire of books burning, obviously, but also the metaphorical fire of Guy’s initial fanaticism, and the self-righteous fury of his supervisor Captain Beatty…”.

For those who have always loved the book, it’s a joy to see it being rediscovered in this era. For those of you have a never read the book, it’s time to get a copy. You can watch the whole trailer here:

We don’t have a specific release date yet, but May is just around the corner — so we won’t be waiting too long to see Fahrenheit 451 brought to life. And what a time for it, because if we ever needed a reminder that knowledge should be treasured and celebrated — or a rallying cry against censorship — it’s right now.